Shadows of the Past RPG Locally MADE


Shadows of the Past is a tabletop role playing game, designed for stories set in history. Shadows of the Past features easy to learn, flexible rules that can be used for any campaign. With it's huge number of settings and countless customization options, adventure awaits!

The writer is based in Eastern Passage and spent over 5 years testing and designing this game. 

Easy To Learn
Shadows of the Past is designed for both new and experienced players. Clear language, examples of play and an intuitive system let players focus on the story, not the rules.

15 Historic Settings
Play in 5 different eras, with 15 unique settings. 

Deep Customization
Shadows of the Past has no races, classes or levels, instead letting players build exactly what they want. Your character, your way.

Mental health is important, and is represented as Morale. In this game, your courage and resilience matter just as much as your physical prowess.

This is the core rulebook for Shadows of the Past. This hardcover, full colour book contains the complete game. Countless customization options, 15 settings, mental health, downtime, an innovative dice system and more make this role playing game truly special.