LFG Games

Hello all! 

Some of you follow us on social media and know that we have been working on developing an online web platofrm (mobile coming spring 2021) for finding gaming groups locally - whether online or in person. 



I have some screenshots of our current Alpha version which is being tested and updated as we speak <3


This is a two sided marketplace that hosts can post games with a few clicks and charge funds for supplies or subscriptions which is subject to credit card processing fees. 

Hosts can chose times and dates for games that they host with available spots


Players can find games by searching their location, preferences such as online or in person, RPG or classic game, and soon to be many more options!


We found that it was hard to organize and communicate groups to play games with (especially right now) and that there were not any good solutions in the market that allowed us to find a group that was specialized to us. 



Follow us on Facebook for specific LFG updates at LaughingPanda in our group called LFG (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1036925963421284)