Turning 7 this year!

Turning 7 this year!

I actually had to do the math twice to believe that we are turning 7 this year! Somehow I missed our 5 year celebrations... in 2021 ... during lockdown... 

ANYHOW! Here we go - turning 7, we officially can read and write, sort of, still need grammerly for typos constantly. 


This post is mostly a thank you for everyone who has laughed, bought, shared, or encouraged us to continue with our super weird and random stuff store. 

You may not know but we originally started by selling Geeky Housewares such as Star Trek mugs or R2D2 measuring cups. We even made custom Zelda or Dk onesies, where my sister dyed all the fabric by hand to get the right color. 

We started selling dice due to all of our dice themed things, we actually were giving away a set of dice with every D20 mug or Dice themed towel but people did not want the mugs or towels - they wanted the dice. So we sold them. And we sold them all! Our first time selling dice we sold 40 sets in one day, it was a game changer. I was custom making our D&D supplies and accessories so I would bring them to cons or showcase them on the site. 

Go figure people loved my rolling trays, I loved designing custom silhouettes and putting character names on it. We laminated character sheets, we simply did what we loved and it somehow worked out magically. It is kind of surreal to think that I have a company that involves me making things I enjoy making and that people adore them. It makes me super happy and greatful to live in such an amazing community <3


Thanks everyone for everything!!!