Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Standards


Given the recent situation with COVID-19 we wanted everyone to understand our health and safety guidelines (many were before COVID-19)



All products are packaged in a clean room. Clean meaning surfaces wiped with disinectant (Vim Disinectant usually) before products are bagged/packaged/tagged. 

Each worker washes his/her/their hands before handling products -except in the instant of our display products which are all cleaned if sold. There is a 10% discount on purchasing of display products and you will be advised before hand if that is your only option. 

Products that are wood or leather cannot be cleaned and therefore are set aside after handling for between 2-5 days before being offered online. This is related to Covid. Again all hands are washed before handling products as well. 


Given the nature of many of the products that we make (homemade resin dice, dice trays, and dice boxes) we have to wear N95 masks and gloves. The dyes, glues, and resin should not be handled without gloves until set. The production of these products is in large vented areas (or outside in summer when we can set up). Hands are washed before and after handling these goods. 

Equipment is sprayed down whenever necessary/ completed



Due to the nature of sewing we cannot wear masks or gloves while making dice bags. At this time we are washing our hands before and after handling material and have a two week period of isolation for goods. No customized sewing products are available except through special order at this time. 

Sewing mats are cleaned after every use, in general, to avoid scraps/pins/other items from getting on other products. Typically everything sticks to felt and flanette so our workplace has to be spotless before starting.

Mailing/ In Person Interactions

All mailing supplies and shipments are coming from our workshop . No one is allowed to visit our workshop at this time. (We still love you though!)

We will do some local drops still and are required to be prepaid online and each party (customer and us) is required to wear a mask when social distancing cannot be obtained.



We are all taking Covid-19  threats very seriously, and although we have few cases in Nova Scotia we are taking the following precautions:

  • No one is to handle product if they are feeling ill (generally not just now)
  • Wear masks in large gatherings
  • Washing hands regularly (Pokemon intro is 20 seconds)
  • Disinfecting surfaces that are used
  • Adhering to the government standards of small groups/bubbles/outings
  • Not handling goods if travelling


We are adhering to all government instructions that have been sent to us and are trying to go above and beyond where we feel it is required.